Ford Mustang A Car That No Needs An Introduction

Oskar Hartmannov
Tuesday 14 September 2021
Last Updated 2022-07-06T18:04:44Z
Ford’s 2018 Mustang GT.
Now and then, things don’t look or go as initially planned. Imagine the surprise of one of the contestants when the rival in the other lane (probably) explained the reworked Mustang is a GM convert...Ford’s Mustang, in case anyone needs an introduction about the pony car legend, was born through a non-traditional case of 1964 and a half model year, although all models were advertised as 1965 versions. 

This is just one in a lengthy line of quirks... Although none of them involves the use of a General Motors engine. But the love for LS swaps seems to prevail in some cases, even above the potential backlash from the Mustang enthusiast community. Alas, we have seen Toyota 2JZ-swapped Fox Bodies nail huge wheelies, a subsequent save, as well as the race win... So we’re not surprised by anything anymore. 

Thus, here comes a crimson fourth-generation ‘Stang featuring a 5.3-liter V8 from the GM family. Unfortunately for New Edge fans, it’s just an early 1994 entry into the fourth iteration. On the flip side, according to the good folks over at the Drag Racing and Car Stuff channel on YouTube, we are dealing with an LS-swapped 5.3-liter with rods and pistons, as well as an 80mm VS Racing turbocharger on top of that. And it hides all the changes pretty well. 

Or, at least, enough to lure in a silver S550 Mustang GT for a couple of races. The driver even gives his fellow Mustang peer the advantage of a staggered start, but once the LS-equipped Blue Oval gets going, it seems that nothing will get in its way. 

The unstoppable force is actually improving with each pass, as the first win comes with a 10.05s result (against an 11.2s run), while the second one already goes into the mid-nine-second territory. So, the case is wrapped from the 0:48 mark, when the LS Mustang delivers a 9.47s blow to the Mustang GT’s 11.06s pass. With the argument settled, the third and final race is a solo run – which again shows an improved time of 9.34 seconds!
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