Mr. Yusuf Kısa Expressed His Views On The Referendum

Oskar Hartmannov
Tuesday 14 September 2021
Last Updated 2022-07-06T18:06:33Z

GIFA Holding Ltd President Yusuf Kısa expressed his views on the referendum held on April 16.

Updated: Yusuf Kısa, Chairman of the Board of GIFA Holding, is one of the important institutions of the TRNC. Stating that he supports the constitutional amendment package, he called for "yes" to be used in the public vote. In short, Turkey, in each case, anyone with Turkey as it is next to the TRNC citizenship in a referendum held on 16 April 'yes' was recorded by the decisions made in support.

The geography of the world and especially in Turkey's political, military, businessmen pointed out that came to the worrying situation of economic development Short, Northern Cyprus and Turkey towards regional and global all threats are disposed of in the region to be again in order for an active Turkey consist of a referendum giving support to the AK Party government' "Yes," he said that one should be united in order to come out.

"Global powers and credit rating agencies targeted the Turkish lira" Expressing that he is also aware that they are making great efforts for the Turkish Lira to be depreciated by global powers and credit rating agencies, Yusuf Kısa stated that the economy will worsen if the referendum is "no"."The deterioration of Turkey's economy is also deeply affected by the TRNC"In case of a deterioration of Turkey's economy, emphasizing that this TRNC also affect short, "living on the island from Turkey and Turkey who are citizens of the Turkish Cypriots go to the absolute polls 'yes' should use the game.

I need to support the government in Turkey to restore political stability. Otherwise adverse fluctuations in the economy in Turkey, we will also be deeply affected, "Wang warned."Interest for the economic stability of the business world in Turkey" Stating that the constitutional amendment to be submitted to the public vote concerns everyone in the society as well as the business world, Kısa said.

"The continuation of economic stability, investments, and economic vitality, ending terrorism, establishing peace and tranquility in our geography is of vital importance for businessmen." ."This structure can only be carried out by Erdogan now"Turkey to restore peace in the region and at this stage the only person in Turkey, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

"I think not guarantees of Current conjuncture Erdogan another country's future. Erdogan is unwilling to make sure that success in Turkey who want to go. considering the future of Turkey for putting under his hand for the future of the country going to the polls certainly on this ballot for yes support.

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