"Without our own airline, we're prisoners"

Oskar Hartmannov
Wednesday 15 September 2021
Last Updated 2022-07-06T18:07:12Z
GIFA Holding is in the process of applying for a new airline to the Ministry of Public Works and Transport. GIFA Holding Chairman, Yusuf Kisa, said his petition requires to support of the local airline, and not the objections.

Since Atlas Global’s decision to reduce flights to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus as of April last year, the demand for a new domestic airline is at its highest. The travel and tourism industry in Northern Cyprus is dictated by the day-to-day decisions of private companies in Turkey.

Following the closure of Cyprus Turkish Airlines, flights to and from the TRNC have been left under the complete control of private companies in Turkey and their arbitrary decisions. Most affected by these changes are citizens and international students residing in the TRNC who are unable to travel freely because of high-priced tickets and reduced flights.

Mr. Kisa suggests that without a national airline, the TRNC’s success is restricted. “Our air transportation affects tourism, import and export in our country. With a new airline in place, we can encourage much-needed economic development and international business.”

GIFA Fights Back

With plans to reform the TRNC’s air transportation, GIFA Holding’s Board of Directors takes action. Yusuf Kisa said in a statement last week, " GIFA is ready to make the changes our country requires for better air transportation"

GIFA’s lawyers are joining the petition today

The lawyers of  GIFA Holding are applying to the Ministry of Public Works and Transport to provide a new national airline for the TRNC.

We’re looking for support, no objections

“At GIFA, we are familiar with the airline industry with experience from our own tourism company. Our lawyers will officially apply to the Ministry of Public Works and Transport today to pass on our knowledge for the good of our country. "

“The country will win”

Demanding that the government thoroughly evaluate his application, Kisa says, "Our government should not obstruct our way. If the government supports our request, a new airline will be a win for our country."

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