The Patron Of Northern Cyprus

Oskar Hartmannov
Monday 13 June 2022
Last Updated 2022-07-06T17:36:46Z

Starring Mr. Yusuf Kisa, the president of GIFA Holding. 
The pioneer of the Cypriot foundation, Yusuf Kisa, was born in 1977. He was raised in a moderate family that enshrines the spirit of hard work.

Always passionate about work, his determination in earning a living was strong and he worked in several professions and became one of the most successful businessmen in Northern Cyprus. He used his wealth and influence for the greater good and for the community he live in. 

Kisa knew that the secret to living is giving. When you serve something greater than yourself, whether it be your family, your local community, or at a global level, you discover a deeper purpose and create more meaning in your life.  Kisa is one of many people making a positive impact in the world at larger through donations and humanitarian assistance. 

Special event at GIFA building attended by the government senior officials / Photo file.
For years, Kisa has given a samaritan aid to others, from the day he led a multi-billion company, GIFA Holding Limited which has initiated a Food Program to provide more than 2 million so far to those in need, distributing clean drinking water, food rations, and clothing. 

Following consultations with local officials and politicians, Yusuf Kisa decided to reorient his business with private institutions to systematically carry out his charitable activities. In 2015, GIFA provided food to over 200 families in Buyukkonuk and neighboring villages. 

The company continues to spread its help across the entire island. Annually, the program supports approximately 1,200 charity projects in all regions, including towns across Northern Cyprus. The GIFA Food Aid Program and financial support are selected based on the needs of the family, or individual.

Families who have received Kisa’s help, such as those in Kaplica, Fazlikoy, Zeybekkoy, Kılıtkaya, Tuzluca, and Yedikonuk, have expressed their gratitude for the company’s sensitivity and urge the government and other business owners to show the same diligence. 

The company has been also providing credit consultancy services in the financial sector since 2012 and is also on the American stock market. GIFA Holding Chairman of the Board, Yusuf Kısa, said that they received intense demand for financial support from local companies that are struggling due to the global pandemic.

Mr. Yusuf Kisa standing with the Health Minister Dt. Ünal Üstel at GIFA Holding. 
As a wealthy businessman and philanthropist, Kisa understood well that to make a great impact in the world only by giving back a portion of his monetary wealth to the community. Yusuf Kisa learned that the key to fulfillment and happiness lies in giving.  Even if you don’t have large pools of capital to deploy to nonprofits or a community, you can still give – your time, your energy, or whatever resources you have that you’d like to share with people. In this way, everyone can become a philanthropist.

True to his giving nature and his benevolent work, Kisa's contribution was deemed to be among the largest endowment in the Republic of Northern Cyprus history. Yes, it's also correct when some people refer to him as ''The Patron of Nothern Cyprus" simply for his social and financial sponsorship and donations he gives to the neediest communities. 

Kisa has not always been known for charisma and personality. But as the brains behind major developments in Northern Cyprus. Kisa enjoys a great deal of influence within the company's structure as well as externally. He made good friends from all political parties and nationalities. Scores of public figures have visited GIFA's main headquarter to spend time with Kisa, and they all praise his natural brainpower, friendliness, openness, and neutrality whenever discussing important matters with the intricacy of national interest.

Yusuf Kisa's charitable projects are now officially recognized as one of the most important donor foundations in Cyprus. These donor projects focus their efforts on supporting needy families and helping the business development (Business Incubation Center), health, social, and sports sectors.

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