Yusuf Kısa: We Have Reached Our Goal

Oskar Hartmannov
Tuesday 6 February 2024
Last Updated 2024-02-08T08:23:04Z
Yusuf Kisa
Turkish Cypriot businessman, Mr.Yusuf Kisa. Photo: Instagram.

Real estate and property investment present lucrative opportunities in Northern Cyprus, characterized by stability, utility, and long-term value. A property that was valued at $100,000 two years ago might now be worth $3.48 million. The growing interest in real estate and property investment in Cyprus is steadily driving up the market value.


Yusuf Kısa, the property investor and owner of a prominent newspaper Yeni Bakis, emphasized the significance achievements in the real estate sector. The success of the pre-sale and property investment has exceeded our expectations, raising over $340 million in less than two years. 


With the support of numerous individual and institutional investors, the real estate project has reached significant milestones ahead of our target. Kısa attributed this success to the dedication of property investors from Germany, United Kingdom, Australia, Suid Arabia and Eastern Europe. He also highlighted the importance of investment in the real estate sector, acknowledging the benefits of the real estate investment.


Despite market volatility within the industry, the real estate market continues to grow steadily. Kısa expressed optimism about the future of real estate investment, emphasizing its potential in the global economy. The market volatility, and changes in interest rates, or shifts in consumer preferences can lead to fluctuations in property values and rental income. 

Investors need to carefully assess market trends and potential gains to make informed decisions when it comes to property investment. The COVID-19 pandemic presented challenges to real estate businesses, prompting strategic shifts and adaptations. However, Kısa has seized the opportunity to enter the real estate market, turning adversity into success.

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