GIFA — Aspires Affordable Airlines In Northern Cyprus

Oskar Hartmannov
Thursday 16 June 2022
Last Updated 2022-07-06T17:49:20Z

Domestic flights - Travelling in Northern Cyprus.
In 2018, GIFA Holding Limited established GIFA Airways in order to set up a national airline providing world-class service with management and technical support from the Aviation Department. The initial objective seeks to establish affordable domestic airline services in Northern Cyprus. GIFA Holdings has applied to the Ministry of Public Works and Transport and the Civil Aviation Authority to establish a domestic airline company. 

Over the course of years, the company accumulated expertise and experience and developed some strategies in the organizational administration of airlines that could give GIFA Airways an upper edge for operating both commercial and domestic airlines that provide air transport services for passengers and cargo along with other related terminal handling services. The business operation went successfully in full mode after the establishment of GIFA Airways’ hub at the principal office located in Lefkosa.

“We are ready to establish a national airline like KTHY, if the government is willing, let’s sit down and talk” — Yusuf Kisa

“We’re ready to open a new national airline for the TRNC” Following a period of severe difficulties with air transportation, to and from Northern Cyprus, including Atlasjet’s reduced number of flights, President of GIFA Holding, Yusuf Kisa says, “We are ready to set up a new national airline company merging the Cyprus Turkish Airlines. If the government is willing, we can sit down and talk.” Kisa added.

‘’Air transportation is a must for an island country like ours. Unfortunately, we failed to appreciate and support our national airline company in the past and causing its closure. Since then, we have had to leave our air transportation to the initiative of private companies.’’ ‘’These negative developments in air transportation caused more danger to both the country’s tourism and its citizens,’’ Kisa asserted.

“A new airline will bring back competitive ticket prices”

“Nowadays, air transportation has become a game of monopoly,” he argues, “giving anyone the right to impose whatever price they like on humanity. “External dependency in strategic areas is very dangerous, especially in strategic areas.” ‘’We had to leave our air transportation to the initiative of private companies.’’

‘’We are saddened by the fact that the relevant airline company diverted its flights to other countries and disregarded the interests of the TRNC in such a sensitive period when we entered the tourism season, but the main issue here is the logic and lack of foresight that we have sunk our national airline, Cyprus Turkish Airlines (KTHY).”

‘’A new airline is a serious stab at monopolization.” “Today, there is a complete monopoly in air transportation and people impose whatever price they want. At this point, a new airline is a serious step that will disrupt this monopoly.”

“We’re open to any proposal from the government”

Kisa makes a point that “If the Turkish Cypriot government are serious about this subject and willing to accept a solution, we can sit down and discuss the plan. We can either merge the public and private institutions together on an idea, or GIFA is willing to carry out the project alone. At the end of the day, the purpose is for the interest and welfare of the TRNC.”

“We are ready to establish a national airline like KTHY that served as the flag carrier for Northern Cyprus (that collapsed in June 2010) if the government is willing, let’s sit down and talk,” this will help the air transportation, which had problems with Atlasjet’s reduction in the number of flights to the TRNC.

“If the government is serious and willing, let’s sit down and talk, this can be a state-private partnership or GIFA can undertake this job alone, the main thing here is the interests and prestige of the TRNC.” “Today, there is a complete monopoly in air transportation and anyone can impose the price they want on our people. A new airline is a serious step that will put a stick to this monopoly at this point,” Yusuf Kisa concluded.


In the Airline industry merging/bail-out often happens in line with changes in the dynamic economic conditions of the aviation industry. The nature of international and domestic aviation has changed dramatically as international markets have been gradually changed. GIFA Airways is considered to be an efficient response to KTHY liquidation. Monopolization of the airline industry has also led to the rise of low-cost airlines in domestic air transportation.


The airline industry is both a crucial and cyclical industry. Therefore the country needs to provide low-cost carriers in order to boost tourism and the economy. So GIFA Airways has an investment stake in low-cost carriers that could be groundbreaking for domestic air transportation, alternatively to KTHY.

One of the strategic motives for GIFA Holding Limited is to gain market power in the domestic transport hub especially aviation and spoke that could become a profit driver for the country as well as a low-cost flag carrier for the citizens. GIFA Airways inspires to provide a seamless and personalized flying experience that blends GIFA’s service excellence and legendary hospitality. The company seeks to create significant domestic route networks, cut costs as well as reduce the monopoly of anti-competitive effects.

Yusuf Kisa decided to fulfill a long-cherished shared dream to bring forth a distinguished flying experience to air travelers in Northern Cyprus. GIFA Holding Limited with its strong historical ties with the aviation industry, such as the Tata group and had long wished to enter the aviation sector to redefine air travel in TRNC and eventually nationalize the air flights from foreign dependency which are currently too costly for ordinary Cypriot citizens.

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